Two locations, a single high-level of quality

Our two locations allow us to break processes down, specialize further and specifically address client needs at maximum capacity.


Administration, Client & Supply Support

The Greek branch was established in Thessaloniki, Greece to function as head of operations. As an administrative office it hosts a highly-skilled, educated and knowledgeable team that can tackle challenging operations.

Serving as gateway between continents, the Thessaloniki is a hub for our supply chain support, such as the prominently finest materials from Turkey that we use.


Garment Production

Here, our own manufacturing unit produces all garments. Based in the city of Razlog, Bulgaria, with an overall factory space of 4.000 m², it uses the latest manufacturing technologies, fully computerized laying, cutting and sewing machines.

Coupled with the knowledge, experience and dedication of its many employees, the unit is able to produce more than 200.000 garments per month, with ever-increasing efficiency, productivity and volume when needed.

Abotis in Greece: Control, Design & Showroom

Established in 2006, Abotis Hellas PC in Greece hosts administration, logistics, controls for a' and b' grade materials, designer and showroom of the company. This infrastructure enables clients to select Abotis designes from the collection or create new, custom ones according to requirements.

Together with the infrastructure, Abotis Hellas PC brings the know-how and the potential of its specialized personnel of 28 employees (7 in sewing, 6 in design, 14 operations) and 15 machines (sewing, cutting, steamiron etc.) for every need and the capacity to produce 3.000 garments each year.


1100 m²


28 Employees


15 Machines


3.000 garments per year

Abotis in Bulgaria: Garment Production

Abotis LTD in Bulgaria was established in 1995 with passion and knowledge about garment fashion manufacturing. Today, Abotis in Bulgaria houses the manufacturing operations, in a building infrastructure of 4.000 m2, supported by 197 employees operating 127 machines (sewing, cutting, buttoning, twelve-needle, etc.).

High-tech innovative equipment includes:

As a result, its capacity reaches up to 200.000 garments produced per month.


4.000 m²


197 Employees


127 Machines


200.000 garments per month

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