Create Unique Fashion

We search materials and accessories, design styles, propose ideas to our clients and, as a result, produce, tailor-made garments of unique design.

Highest Quality

Using cutting-edge technology and the best materials, every garment with your name on it, is of the highest quality.


We value the oppurtunity to work with you and guarantee to provide on-time delivery, superb customer service and outstanding quality.

Full-service solution

We cover all aspects of the production process from the initial consultation, the design brief, sampling, production and final delivery.

Design is at the heart of our company

Our design team of experienced and world-traveled fashion designers and stylists excel by proposing ideas, create a variety of styles and develop collections.

In cases where that extra mile is needed, we turn to our highly skilled design consultancy partners in Hamburg, Germany to support sourcing, trend forecasts, design and even sometimes development and production.

Pattern Making and Sampling

Skilled pattern makers and sampling experts demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship when producing samples.

Research for New Materials

Significant amounts of time and effort are invested  to travel with the sole purpose of hunting down new materials, including special yarn and fabrics as well as accessories.

In turn, this allows us to propose fresh ideas according to upcoming trends to potential and existing clients.

Client Portfolio

Through the years, we have been honored to have worked with many prominent names in textile and garment retail across Europe and, more recently, expanding to Mexico.